Wedding Magician

‘You are outstanding. We could not have asked for a better magician.’
– James & Sharon Southam, Bride and Groom. 2019.

Are you a full time magician?

Yes, I have never had a proper job. I have always been a professional magician.

My son thinks I am a real wizard and that Harry Potter is a documentary about my friends. 

What do you wear?

Don’t worry, I don’t wear anything cheesy and I always look smart. My girlfriend double checks me over before I head to work, a bit like my mum used to as I would head off to school.

I have lots of suits and I can accommodate your requests. So, if you have a particular dress code such as a black tie, a colour theme or anything else. Then please let me know.

How long do you perform for?

My service is unique, instead of quoting for one or two hours (maybe more) I don’t set a time limit.

So, this allows me to focus on delivering the best possible magic service that I can. There is no clock watching and no extra costs.

Where do you perform?

Over the years I have performed for audiences in Egypt, America, Spain, France and various countries. I travel and perform around the UK country on a daily basis. I am a popular magician in major wedding destinations throughout the UK and I come recommended by many hotels.

So, if you are hiring a magician in the Lake District. I can also recommend suppliers around the lake District. If you’re getting hitched and looking for a magician in Manchester, I can add the magic. I am a popular magician in London too.

What magic do you perform?

I have a large mix of magic in my repertoire so you can relax. I am a knowledgable and high skilled magician.

Many magicians say ‘learn three tricks well and perform them well’. To a degree that is true but I personally perform a BIG mix of strong magic and I perform them all extremely well. From mind reading to card tricks and from coin tricks to making things float.

Are there any extra charges?

Good question. No, there are never, ever any sneaky charges.

When I give you a quote there is no travel added and no sneaky VAT costs or anything like that.

i keep it simple too with no bamboozling terminology.

My party has a lot of guests…

No matter how many guests you have on the day I can perform on my own. I won’t get tired as I enjoy my work.

However, if you have a large party then two or three magicians may be recommended. I know the best magicians in the country and I can supply more magicians if needed and theres no additional charge from me for doing this.